FAA LOA Support Services

FAA LOA Support Services

We provide FAA LOA support services for  the following Letters of Authorization / OpSpecs from the FAA:

  • RVSM
  • RNP-10/4/2
  • B-RNAV (RNAV-5) / P-RNAV (RNAV-1)
  • RNP-1
  • Use of the MDA as a DA
  • Data Link Communications (ADS-C / CPDLC)
  • ADS-B Out
  • Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

*Our RNP APCH LOA Support Service does not include RNP AR APCH. We can certainly provide you with a list of FAA-Qualified vendors for RNP AR APCH services, if interested.

Our LOA support services follow an easy, step-by-step process:

  1. We prepare any required operations procedures, either as a standalone manual or as an appendix to your existing manual.
  2. We prepare the associated FAA documentation, including a cover letter and Inspector’s Job Aid, as appropriate.
  3. We organize the documentation into a streamlined Application Package, with each supporting document clearly labeled for ease of reference. The Package can be provided in a printed and/or electronic format, depending upon your Inspector’s preference.
  4. We provide instructions on the next steps:
    1. If you plan to complete the Application on your own, you can follow our easy-to-use checklist.
    2. If you would like our assistance, we will send a list of the supporting documents (e.g., copies of aircraft manual pages, training certificates, etc.) that are missing from the Package. Once we receive the required information, we will add them to the Application.
  5. Once the Application is completed, you are ready to submit to the FAA!*

*Important! AviationManuals cannot submit application materials to the FAA on your behalf. Please follow the detailed instructions regarding the supporting documentation when you are submitting to the FAA. If you do not include all the required documents, your application may be delayed or possibly returned.

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Frequently Asked Questions about FAA LOA Support Services

What happens if the FAA has findings in my application?

If the FAA requests any changes, we will make them at no additional charge as quickly as possible (usually within 1 to 2 business days).

The FAA just returned my application. What do I do next?

Please contact us as soon as practical and provide a copy of any correspondence with your Inspector. The FAA will provide a reason for returning the application. Typically the requested changes are minor and can be completed quickly. We will coordinate with you to produce a revised application package that will satisfy the FAA’s requests.

Will you submit my application to the FAA directly?

Because the FAA is providing an operational authorization, they require the Operator or its authorized agent to apply for the LOA. Although we do not formally serve as an agent, we actively advise and support our customers to ensure a successful submission.

Will you keep a copy of my LOA on file?

The FAA will address all correspondence to you, including your approved LOA. If you provide an electronic copy of your LOA to us, we will keep it on file for future reference, but the FAA will not send it to us automatically.

I am applying to the UK CAA / Australian CASA / another non-US organization. Can you still support my application for flight authorizations?

To some extent, but not as much as we can for the FAA. We can most likely provide you with a manual or other operating procedures, but we are presently not set up to assist you with the direct application to these other authorities. Please call or email for more information.

I am based internationally, but my aircraft is N-registered. Since I am still applying to the FAA, can you help me with our LOAs?

Absolutely! The process for an internationally based operator is not much different for those who are based within the United States, except that you will need to apply to an International Field Office (IFO) rather than a Flight Standards District Office (FSDO).

I need a temporary LOA and/or a flight permit. Can you assist me with applying for one?

We currently do not offer support for temporary LOAs or flight permits, which are typically used for sales, initial delivery, maintenance, or other special flights. For these situations, we recommend that you contact your FSDO for additional instructions.

FAA LOA Support Services for Flight Operators

We provide FAA LOA support services for Letters of Authorization / OpSpecs from the FAA.Click here to learn more about our services.